I don’t know what’s so fragile about a precise moment that you realize you’re in love with someone. Is it the peacefulness of the night as you are making her laugh and realize how beautiful the sound of her laugh is? Is it the way that your heart beats a thousand times faster as you think about her? Is it when both of you are smoking and you know she never looks more alive as you see the smoke in her eyes? Is it the moment that you stare at her and you feel like everything is moving so slow? Is it the moment you feel like you’re floating into thin air and suddenly you’re on the verge of falling into darkness? Or maybe, it’s just that you have never felt so sure about anything in the world as you have felt about her. They say love is an illusion. But sometimes, i wonder, maybe it’s you that’s an illusion because someone as beautiful as an angel couldn’t have been standing in front of me right now. It feels like a dream, yet this feels so real. She makes me feel like i’m flying and falling at the same time, if that was even possible. Falling.. I was falling fast, as fast as my heartbeat is whenever i’m with you. I was falling into nothingness, and even though i know you won’t be there to catch me, i have never felt this alive. You were a 10 and i was a 1. You were sunshine and i was rain. You were complicated but beautiful and i was fearless yet simple. When deriving us as an equation, the formula would never be just a simple linear equation. It would have to be a quadratic formula of sorts being graphed into complication. We never did match.